Ian Pringle



Ian Pringle was born in South Africa and migrated to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) where he worked as an industrial chemist until rising into general management. He was later drafted into the Police Reserve Air Wing as a pilot.

Pringle received his MBA in the United Kingdom and spent his career working for Castrol International and BP as a senior executive, mostly in Asia and Europe.

He has always had a passion for flying, and obtained a commercial pilot license to fly helicopters and ex-military jets. His favourite sport was skydiving and he competed in two World Skydiving Championship representing Zimbabwe. He also holds the all-Africa record for the most parachute jumps in a day, he completed 71 jumps.

In 2004, after he retired to Cape Town, South Africa, Pringle (and his two Cold War jets) teamed up with Mike Beachy Head at the fast jet company Thunder City where members of the public could experience the thrill of flying in heavy metal jet warbirds. He is licensed to fly the Hawker Hunters jet fighter, the Buccaneer nuclear capable bomber and aerobatic aircraft.


Ian landing the “raspberry-ripple” Buccaneer ZU-NIP (XW986) at Overberg air base.